Pistonheads Tunnel Run Bristol

September 25th 2016 and a group of car enthusiasts from Pistonheads set about taking their cars around Bristol, Somerset, in search of some tunnels to make some noise! A huge range of cars attended including a range of TVRs, a GTR, Ford Mustang, some Jap cars including Subarus, Honda Civic and my, by comparison, quiet S3!

The range of sounds from the cars was incredible mixed with a bit of burning rubber and it made for a pretty perfect afternoon. Unfortunately I had a few audio issues, the GoPro to start as explained in the video but also I didn’t take my headphones so the gain on the main camera (PXW-X70 + Rode NTG2) was a bit high when filming in some of the tunnels.

All lessons learned ahead of the next video!



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